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Hand Crafted in Kona Hawai’i
Custom Guitars and Luthiery  Services provided by Paul Suppo
Barefoot Guitars

My first guitar build was way, way back in 1978… you do the math. It was a pine body strat-style with humbucker pickups. Ever since then I have been working on my craft. As this is something I really enjoy, there is no such thing as having to go and work; it’s all fun.  Starting out building custom guitars for sale in Medford Oregon I have now relocated to beautiful Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i to where I no longer have to dress in layers and bare the cold of winter. This allows my woods and finishes to stabilize sooner. 

I continue to be inspired by my great grandfather Jules Suppo who was a world-famous wood carver for places such as Hearst’s Castle and the Monterey Mission; I knew that craftsmanship of a handmade item added a warmth, back story and a personal touch.

As I became older and my skills, patience for detail and precision grew so did my love for creating useful works of art. Each guitar I build is unique in the fact it is hand crafted without the aid of CNC or other automation.

Being Hawaiian kama‘aina, Barefoot Guitars takes pride in featuring woods sourced 100% from Hawai’i from sustainable means. We are proud to say we are of the land and support our brothers.

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