Hello world!

Welcome to the new PSBFG.com. We are working on bringing up a new web site as well as new content that you will want to bookmark and come back to.

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2 Replies to “Hello world!”

  1. It’s going to look great when completed! Only thing so far.. when I first open on my phone your last name is hard to read because it lands on the largest light part of the photo till you scroll down. The text jumps and wraps differently as soon as you scroll. Also for some reason as I’m typing this my keys cover the white comment box. Maybe I need to critique when more complete ?

    1. Thanks Cat. I had seen issues with the menu on my phone too. I have not used my tablet. Maybe you should upgrade your phone so my site looks better? HAHA! Thanks for the feedback… it is tough knowing what works where and after a while you get snow blind… especially when trying to add new features.

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