Post COVID Sale

As we all know there was this thing called COVID-19 that really screwed up our lives. Some companies folded, some bloomed and some, like us, just sat back and supported our ohana, friends and local musicians.

During these past couple years, we had some guitars just sitting on the wall being played now and then, but not finding a home. We stopped our advertising for the most part, did not list anything for sale on Reverb and took them out of the stores which were barely open.

Also during this time, we decided that social media was becoming a thorn in the sides of many. We backed way off. I personally closed my FB account but kept the Barefoot FB Page limping along. Simply, I was tired of the BS.

That leads us to now…

Every new guitar that is in stock has become a couple years old. Same guitar, same playability… but the elements have given it some natural age. I am talking about age, not buckle rash, not dents, but honest natural patina.

I would like these guitars to find homes. Every guitar is marked down. Every guitar is now under $2,000 and even some below $1,000.

Give me a call and set up time to come and play these fab instruments.

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