Adejo 6S50BB Bass

I make it no secret that I love and that I’m proud to know many wonderful musicians here in Hawai’i (Not to take away from the fabulous musicians I know and love on the mainland). One such band is Bottle of Blue (Check them out! I have gotten to know the members of this band and when I was talking story one night after a gig with the bass player Dave Ojeda I said let’s build you your dream bass… that was all it took… he was on board 1000%!!!

Over the next couple days we went back and forth on the design and features for this bass. Several texts back and forth from my initial design to ‘Hey Paul, let’s round the corner here, let’s shorten this’ type talk and I presented a design that he replied – “YA!” And the Adejo 6S50BB became a project.

I could not wait to get started. My buddy Keith came over from Hilo and we went to my favorite mill in Waimea to find the perfect donor tree to bring back to life… I found her, a large slab of Monkey Pod… such a beautiful grain, the weight was right, it was dense and screamed I want to become something!

As time went on, the Adejo took shape. Features were added, parts were ordered and we were on our way. However, I was missing something… the fingerboard had to pop. Dave found the perfect inlay that he wanted but I could not find the proper wood until I stumbled upon a beautiful piece of Ziricote with long straight grain.

The problem with Ziricote is that it likes to splinter (not so good on a guitar!)… Problem solved with 50 coats of super-thin CA (super) glue polished to a shine!

I was able to finish and present Dave with his new bass on Cinco deMayo 2019. I am told he loves his bass!

The first public performance of Dave’s new bass. Bottle of Blue

Posted by Paul Suppo's Barefoot Custom Guitars, LLC on Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mahalo Dave! This guitar was so special for me! Each time I see you play it in a gig I feel like I was able to contribute something to the performance!

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