Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii is my take on the classic single cutaway semi-hollow body axe. This beauty has active Pickups provided by EMG giving a tone like no other. I fall in love with each instrument that I build, but this one I have a hard time putting down.

I find the tone to be in that sweet jazzy/blues category and the sustain is something special.

I crafted this guitar out of a a single piece of mango wood. I first cut the top off to allow the ability to lighten and hollow the body. I grabbed my favorite blue dye and added the powerful and tranquil tone as a translucent finish allowing the beautiful grain to remain.

Being a speculation build, I left this double action truss rod neck a little on the bulky side… some love it, some don’t… personally I find it very comfortable after the initial 1/2 hour of playing. However, my intention was to allow the new caretaker of this instrument to define what works for them. I prefer to have my family of players feel the instrument and make the modifications.

  • One initial piece of Mango
  • Top Removed and translucent Dye
  • EMG® Active Pickups and Electronics
  • Gothoh® Locking Tuners
  • Gothoh® Modern Bridge
  • Tusq® Nut
  • Maple Fingerboard
  • Dual Action Truss Rod
  • Mother of Pearl Inlay
  • Quick Access Battery Compartment
  • Barefoot Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Hardshell Case

A little demo of Blue Hawaii. #customguitar #guitarporn #kona #hawaii #mangoguitar @emgpickups @stewmac_guitar

Posted by Paul Suppo's Barefoot Custom Guitars, LLC on Thursday, October 25, 2018

This Guitar has decided to go and live in Phoenix, Az. Congratulations Lucky!

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