Let Us Build Your Dream Guitar

Building your dream guitar really is not that difficult but there are rules to follow to protect your instrument, you and us. If you are an avid player you most likely already know most of what you want. There are many brands out there with features that you love and others with things you hate… Here, you can Have it your way!

We do build speculative guitars and can perform some customization while you vacation here or before we ship your instrument. It is very possible we have what you are looking for. Just ask… we are easy!

How do we start? First we talk. Talking let’s me know more about you and we can filter out and refine what is necessary and what should be avoided in your guitar. I can set expectations on timing, features and costs for your instrument.

Next, I will draw up a sketch of the guitar idea and we will work on the details. At this time, the sketch will be a line drawing to get the basic proportions and feel.

We will work on the budget for materials and labor and establish a realistic expectation for what the completed guitar will cost.

Design development fee will be placed and the design will be further refined and a final price will be determined. At this stage we will refine the materials, electronics, hardware, inlays and so forth.

I will create a life sized drawing of your guitar which I will send to you if desired for you to print out, tape together and see it. This will not be 3D so don’t buy your strings just yet… regular paper and a printer is all that is needed… Mind you, this design is our property and cannot be reproduced, sold or otherwise used by you in any manner. You are purchasing the end product and not the intellectual rights (if this is an issue we can adjust the policy for fair compensation).

Once you approve the design and cost, you will be required to place an 80% deposit of the entire build… we will credit in the design development fee.

Once the deposit is received and clears we will obtain all the necessary materials to build your instrument.

We will post or send you progress pictures of the build of your instrument. Please be patient at this time… some operations can seem like they take forever. When some woods are cut, it is necessary to allow them to stabilize… think of cutting away the restraints and the wood needs to relax. What happens of wood does not relax? It will twist, bend, contort, make all sorts of weird shapes that is not conducive to a fine instrument.

If you are in Kona, we wish for you to make an appointment to come by and see the progress. It would be very helpful at times to pick up the guitar, feel the shape of the body and most of all the neck… We will determine a shape of the neck via our conversations and base it off of a well known shape of a named brand.

Another resting stage is during finishing of your instrument. Some finishes are cured in hours, others can take days, weeks or months… some even years. For instance, you can sand lacquer in a week, but place it in a case or lay it down on something that is not glass smooth… it will pick up the texture of what it is touching. I require a minimum of one month of air drying for a lacquer finish before buffing. Then another week minimum before placing in a case to store or ship.

Most builds will take approximately 6 months minimum to complete. This time can be extended if I have questions for you and you are not responsive… as you wish for me to be prompt in a response, I also require you to be… so of your on a world wide tour, please leave me your manager or guitar tech’s phone and emails as well and let me know you are going.

If you are coming to Hawaii, be sure to stop by and pick up your guitar to save on the shipping.

Pick up the phone and call us, email us, Facebook or Instagram pm us or use our contact page.

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