Wahine Maikaʻi Loa

Wahine Maikaʻi Loa (pretty woman)… Ahh, what can I say… we all love a pretty woman and this pretty woman is all Hawiian!
Mango body and Koa cap, Monkey Pod neck and Mother of Pearl inlays… she was made to sing.

Starting with a single piece of mango wood, I channeled and chambered the flanks to lighten her up. Adding a thin belt of binding brings together the koa cap into a uniform and complementary package.

The complex fingerboard inlays give a richness for the kings to relish.

Lacquer brought out the richness of the koa and the colors of the mango.

Topped off with EMG active pickups, this guitar was a pleasure to build and one which will always have a place in my heart.

The last known location for Wahine Maikaʻi Loa was Hilo, Hawai’i… keep an eye out for her.

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